Friday, May 16, 2008

I signed up for PPP

yippeee. i've atlast got my blog approved by PPP. For those who dont know what i am writing about, PPP is PayPerPost. doesnt it sound interesting? you get paid for posting ppl, believe that?
Well let me tell you why i signed up for payperpost. payperpost is one easy way to make money.
i heard about PPP from one of my school mates, called ramanujam. we named him blogger boy, and his antiques online are now spreading like wildfire

How does it work?
it works like this. an advertiser asks u to write about them, and you can air your views about them. If what you write is approved by them then, Voila, you get paid..

Do you really get paid?
yes you really get paid. they pay you thro your paypal account. dont have a paypal account? sign up right away, its very easy and simple.

Why PPP?
PPP is one of the most famous websites to make money. online. I have a lot of spare time for the next few months and so i decided to sign up for it.

What to do with the money?
good question. if you earn money, then its your hard earned money and u have all the rights to use it. AFAIK, i'm going to buy a bike for myself and decided to earn as much possible and as fast as possible.



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